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Misa de Gallo

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“Misa de Gallo” it is a Spanish phrase which means Midnight Mass, more literally it is translated as Rooster’s Mass or its known “Simbang Gabi” for us Filipinos.

These nine dawn Masses, usually starting at four o’clock in the morning, are considered a novena by the Catholic and Aglipayan faithful. Going to mass this early for nine consecutive days is meant to show the churchgoer’s devotion to his faith and to heighten anticipation for the Nativity of the Lord. A traditional Filipino belief, however, many believes that those who complete the novena will have a special wish or favor granted by God.

Simbang Gabi has become one of the most popular traditions in the country. But it is not just a tradition that is celebrated because we need to do so. It is a significant moment not only because it strengthens relationships among family members but also because it is the time where our faith is intensified. This is the time where we mostly feel the presence of the Lord because it is the spiritual preparation for Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. It does not matter if one has the stamina to complete the novena or not, what really matters is what is inside the heart. The blessing does not depend on the number of mass attended, but what is important is the disposition of the person who receives the Lord’s blessing.

After hearing Mass, Filipino families partake of traditional Philippine Christmas delicacies, either during breakfast at home or immediately outside the church where they are sold. Vendors offer a wealth of native delicacies, including bibingka (rice flour and egg based cake, cooked using coals on top and under), puto bumbong (a purple sticky rice delicacy which is steamed in bamboo tubes, with brown sugar and coconut shavings as condiments), coffee, and tsokolate (thick Spanish cocoa).

1st day

My first day in Misa de Gallo was great, because I was awakened by the church’s bell. I felt not sleepy at all. It was cold and humid morning, while we’re on the way going to the church. Our church Has giant Christmas tree outside, and beautiful belen inside.. (hahah just sharing) What I have learned is to increase our faith in God because its purpose is for preparing for Jesus Christ’s birthday or what we call Christmas day..

2nd day

We Filipinos has the longest christmas ever. As father said when the month ending in -ber for us it is the start of Christmas. Thats why we prepare and put colorful decorations on our houses. There are 4 reasons why we love Christmas because good things happens: 1st, because of the bonus that many receives, 2nd, because of gifts that we receive, 3rd, new clothes are bought, 4th, christmas lights and decors everywhere. Even though these are the reasons we must know that Christmas is for giving not for receiving.

3rd day

“We must sacrifice waking up early in the morning so that we can attend the Misa de Gallo”  father said. This is done just once a year. A preperation for the birthday of Jesus Christ. A little sacrifice brings joy to us and for Christ.

4th day

There are 3 things we must know: 1st, we should live in a good life, not because we ask something but because it is expected from us. 2nd, just pray heartily. 3rd believe in God. If we do these things even if we don’t ask anything, god will reward us for what we are doing.

5th day

This day I learned that real service doesn’t need demand something in return. We should sacrifice because great power comes in great responsibilty.

6th day

December 21, this day is my birthday. heheh. Teaches us our real purpose why we live. It will be known on three ways. First, we will know about it in other persons. Second, you will know about it by youself and lastly, in different events you participate in. One of these three will lead you to your real purpose why you live..

7th day

We must learn that 1 never forgets to acknowledge the goodness of the Lord to express our gratitude for him. It’s not that we just ask something for him but if we get what we wanted we forget about thanking him.

8th day

God wants us to know that it’s not always happiness that he gives us. Pain, sufferings and trials, because God wants us to learn something about that experience and we should trust him. Because God will never leave us behind.

9th day

This day is the last day on Misa de Gallo. The summary of eight days going to church. There is only one message to all of us and it is love. Love is the real meaning of christmas, love for friends, families, relatives and to everyone.