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All Souls Day 2009

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Every now and then we visit our loved ones in the cemetery,
To let them know we didn’t forget about them.
That we treasure the values and memories they have left us.

Being in the cemetery is also a get together or gathering with our relatives.

But do we know the purpose in going to the cemetery?

Fr. Alcris our parish priest emphasized that going to the cemetery is not having reunion or get together, neither a party nor beer house.

It’s not also because it has been our culture to go there or it has been thought to us by our elders.

But,the main reason why we need to go there is because we need to pray for them and show our loved ones that they are not forgotten.

Yes it’s not bad to have a get together or gathering, to eat and drink there but we should always remember that above all we should pray first. Thats the thought Fr. Alcris teaches the people who went to church last Sunday.

Although my relatives is not complete this year at least everyone did make an effort to go there and pray for my grand father, aunt, and cousin. My grand mother is always the one leading the prayer and we all follow.

Knowing the true meaning of going to the cemetery is very important to know, because most of us are mistakenly interpreting the true meaning of it.



Dear God,

I pray for my grand father, aunt, cousins, and relatives which has departed and now who is joining you in your kingdom. I am here praying just to let them know that they are not forgotten. As your son, I also pray for the souls in porgatory that I am still bound by charity to try to lessen the suffering of the holy souls through my prayer and deeds. These I ask to you Lord God. Amen.